Standard 5.b Professional Development


Parents Guide to ENL


The artifacts that I chose for Standard 5.b are demonstrative of me partnering and advocating for my ELL’s either single handedly, or with my other invested colleagues. The first artifact is a PD that my ENL colleagues gave last year to the staff on how to better incorporate vocabulary into their lesson for ELL’s. The second artifact is a PowerPoint that was put together by two of my colleagues and me for parents of ELL’s.

All  artifacts demonstrate how I have taken advantage of professional growth opportunities, and demonstrate the ability to build partnerships with colleagues and students’ families, serve as community resources, and advocate for ELLs.

In regards to professional growth I received an Effective on my formal observation. Artifact 1 showcase how I am able to advocate and collaborate with colleagues  to promote understanding of the characteristics of effective literacy instruction for ELLs’, while artifact 2 showcased Family Partnership. This was carried out in the form of giving a PD to parents on the tenets of ENL services at our school.

The artifacts contributed to my professional understanding, skills, and dispositions in more ways than one. Firstly, they all opened up a dialogue between teacher to teacher, and parents to teacher. In that, having these type of PD’s help to answer unanswered questions, and clear up any misconception that anyone might have on how to meet the needs of the ELL population.

Overall, I cannot say  for sure if any of these artifacts directly impacted any student learning, but I hope that the dissemination of information to teachers, parents, and administration will influence some change in the way that teachers teach ELL’s, parents advocate for their child/ren, and how administration delegate teachers to this particular population of students. In regards to my formal observation, I will merge what I know about ELL teaching with what my schools focus is.


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